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Sunday, December 2, 2007


Well, this is my first post here in my Astronomy page. I'm kinda new to astronomy in general but have a reasonably strong background in optics, as one of my other hobbies is photography. You can check out my work on that at my photography website.

Currently, I use a 4.5" Tasco Newtonian Reflector on a German Equatorial Mount, but hopefully soon (real soon), I'll be upgrading to a 10" Zhumell Dobsonian Reflector. So there probably won't be any imaging going on anytime soon, unless I can use my dSLR to make short exposures of bright objects, like the moon. This is because the Dobsonian mount is an altazimuth mount, so there is no tracking, and long exposures would not work. I guess when it comes down to budget, aperture wins over tracking any day of the week, though.

Hopefully, however, I'll be able to do sketches at least, and upload them to the site. Maybe I'll even come up with one of them webcam astrophotography setups, and get it to work without tracking. Who knows, only the future can tell!

On this site, I'll detail my hunt for celestial objects, especially my main targets, the Messier Catalog.

Attached, you'll see a picture of my current equipment, including the 4.5" Tasco reflector, the Telrad unit finder on there, and my maps. Not shown is my eyepiece collection, which includes Zhumell 1.25" eyepieces in focal lenghts of 4, 6, 9, and 12.5 mm. It's not really much but its a start! Really shows why this site is, after all, about cheap astronomy!

Clear skies!


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