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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Best Images of Comet Lulin

Imaged by many astronomers, Comet Lulin may have been one of the most popular non-regular comets I've seen recently. There were so many great images I couldn't possibly include them all, so I've posted the best for your viewing below. Overall, I think Comet Lulin was a great way to kick off the International Year of Astronomy. If you didn't get to see the Comet, just check out these beautiful pictures of the popular green comet! If your image isn't on the list, and you'd like to see it here, just submit your image to me at sean@visualastronomy.com or post a comment below!

This first image is actually an animation. Click the image above to see an animation of Comet Lulin moving across the sky. This is REALLY cool, I'd suggest taking a peek! (Image is 10 MB) Courtesy of Hiro.

Courtesy of James Champagne.

Courtesy of James Champagne.

Courtesy of James Champagne.

Courtesy of Burley Packwood via West Seattle Weisenheimer.

Courtesy of Mike Broussard.

Courtesy of Mike Broussard.

Courtesy of John Wohlfeil.

Of course, as a visual observer, I've got to include at least one sketch! Courtesy of Jeremy Perez.

Comet Lulin caught with a DSLR and 30 sec. exposure. Courtesy of Tavi Greiner.

Courtesy of Myron Almond.

There are also excellent conversations on Comet Lulin at Cloudy Nights and SLOOH.

Clear skies!


RevAaron said...

Those are truly great images (I particularly like the animation). Thanks for posting.

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