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About Visual Astronomy

My name is Sean Welton, and Visual Astronomy is the story of my experiences and advice in amateur astronomy. Founded in December of 2007, Visual Astronomy has grown exponentially and is now a major player in the space blogosphere.Originally, the blog was intended to be a mostly private log of my attempts to "bag" all the Messier deep-sky objects.

Suddenly, the blog started to get popular, however, and I soon found that I had actual subscribers. It was then that I decided to take the blog in a whole new direction, and start writing meaningful posts and advice. I'd like to thank these first subscribers, as they made this blog what it is today. Without them, this would still be a simple log of observations.

Although I've been into astronomy and sciences since I was young, I've only been actively into amateur astronomy for a couple years now. So this blog has helped me to learn the sky quicker than I may have on my own, and to modify my telescopes in such ways as to improve their performance. I'll share these improvements here on the blog, and any advice and tips I come across in my time observing.

I've also started to dabble in radio astronomy, since radio astronomy works even under cloudy skies!

Clear skies!