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Terms of Service

This site has gotten pretty busy lately, so I'm going to draft up a TOS for the comments section.

  1. Comments will be required to be free of profanity. This includes, but is not limited to, the tyical four-letter, derogatory type words and insults. Keep it G-rated. Profane or lewd comments will be deleted.

  2. Comments must not be used to promote commercial interests, get-rich-quick schemes, or magical ad companies. These will be treated as spam. If I start seeing too much spam, I'm going to lock comments down with a CAPTCHA, so you would have to type the letters in a given image. I don't like these, so for now, we won't be using them. If you have an inquiry about advertising here, e-mail me. Using the name/link to your site is fine, even encouraged.

  3. Political opinions are fine, but political discussions not related directly to the original article will be deleted.

  4. Keep your comments on-topic. Off-topic comments not related to the original article will be deleted.

  5. Generally disrespectful comments towards the site or people on the site will be deleted.

Generally, I hope I never really have to enforce the TOS. Keep it civil and family friendly, and we'll be OK! I reserve the right to change these without further notice.

Enjoy the site,